The organization of security on the territory of hotel complexes is an important indicator of the level of service and care for guests. What should be the ideal protection of places of temporary residence of a large number of people who don’t know each other?

  • Effective
  • Disciplined
  • Invisible

Hotel security is designed to prevent any harm to guests, employees, and damage to facilities, as well as to ensure the order and comfortable stay of guests at the property.

Private security company (PSC) “Bastion Volga” in Moscow has a staff of highly qualified security specialists. Hotel security is formed around 4 levels of protection:

  • Hotel rooms
  • Public areas and office space
  • Surrounding area
  • Internal information security, storage of confidential information, the safety of material assets

Functions Performed

Hotel security by PSC includes the following services:

  • audit of the security status of the facility and constant monitoring of potential threats;
  • perimeter control and access to technical rooms;round-the-clock protection of guests’ personal property, personnel, and property of the customer;
  • maintaining public order;
  • monitoring of the surrounding area;
  • monitoring of the employees’ compliance with labor standards and suppressing attempts to fraud, theft, and damage to property of the employer;
  • protecting the privacy of hotel guests;
  • and video surveillance system covering the territory of the complex.

The protection of hotels in Moscow is most often provided by professionals with many years of experience who have proven themselves in the field of security and have all the necessary competencies. The requirements of customers are quite high and justified: the reputation of the hotel is at stake. A private security company “Bastion Volga” occupies a leading position in this niche.

We have:

  • Trained and qualified staff
  • Professional equipment
  • Numerous cases of the emergency response
  • Practical skills of interaction with law enforcement authorities

Entrusting the security of the hotels to the PSC «Bastion-Volga» means ensuring their smooth operation, absolute order, and peace of guests. What is the price of developing your business and customer loyalty? Everything is calculated individually, taking into account the characteristics of each object.

Call +7 (499) 322-15-20 – and your personal manager will prepare an advantageous offer for you. PSC “Bastion Volga” is your reasonable choice in the field of security.