Privacy Policy

This privacy policy of personal (personal) data (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) applies to all data that Bastion Volga LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”) may receive from a visitor to the site (hereinafter referred to as the “Subject of personal data”) and process in the course of any interactions with the Subject of personal data.


Any use of any resources of the Operator means the full and unconditional consent of the Subject of personal data with the terms of the Policy and the procedures for processing his personal data established in it. In case of disagreement with the terms of the Policy, the Personal Data Subject should refrain from using the Operator’s resources.



  1. Processing of personal data of the subject of personal data.

1.1. Within the framework of this Policy, “personal data of the Personal Data Subject” means:

1.a. Any information relating directly or indirectly to a specific or determinable individual.

1.b. Personal data that the Personal Data Subject provides about himself independently in the process of using the Operator’s resources.

1.c. Any technical data allowing the Subject to define personal data, as well as the characteristics, routes, and addresses of devices from which the Subscriber visited the Operator’s personal data (IP address, browser type, cookies, date and time of visit, etc.), if certain services of the Operator accumulate such data.

1.d. Any other information about the Personal Data Subject, the processing of which is provided for by the terms of this Policy, as well as the federal law of July 27, 2006, No. 152-FZ (as amended on February 22, 2017) “On Personal Data.”

1.2. The Operator does not verify personal data for reliability provided by the Subject of personal data, nor does it evaluate it. The Operator will automatically consider all received personal data from the Personal Data Subject reliable. Responsibility for the accuracy of personal data lies with the subject of personal data.


  1. The purposes of the collection, storage, and use of personal data of the Personal Data Subject.

2.1. The Operator collects and stores only those personal data that are necessary for the activities of the Operator and the operation of its service, with the exception of longer storage of personal data, in cases provided for by applicable law.

2.2. Personal data is collected and stored by the Operator for the following purposes:


2.2.a. To obtain contact information for the subsequent establishment of legal relations with potential contractors (identification, feedback, sending requests, notifications, information, etc.);


2.2.b. In order to improve the quality of the Operator’s service;


2.2.c. To conduct statistical and other marketing research through the use of personal data obtained in an anonymous form.

2.2.d. For other purposes not prohibited by applicable law, contributing to a qualitative improvement in the activities of the Operator.


  1. Conditions for the processing of personal data of the Personal Data Subject.

3.1. The processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with the principles and rules provided for by this Privacy Policy and the federal law of July 27, 2006, No. 152-FZ (as amended on February 22, 2017) “On Personal Data.”

3.2. The Operator shall store personal data of the Personal Data Subject in accordance with the rules of this Privacy Policy and regulatory legislation.

3.3. With respect to the personal data of the Personal Data Subject, its confidentiality is maintained, with the exception of cases of voluntary provision by the Subject of personal data of personal information for general access to an unlimited circle of persons.

3.3. Cases in which the Operator has the right to provide personal data of the Personal Data Subject to third parties:

3.3.a. With the direct consent of the Subject of personal data to actions of this kind;

3.3.b. If there are legal requests from authorized representatives of state authorities;

3.3.c. In cases where the provision of personal data is implied by the very essence of the relationship for which such data was provided by the Personal Data Subject;

3.3.d. In other cases, permitted by law.


  1. Change and deletion of personal data. Mandatory storage of personal data.

4.1. The personal data subject has the right to change the personal data provided about himself at any time if the specific service of the Operator functionally provides for such an opportunity.

4.2. The Operator is obliged to store all the data provided by the Subject of personal data subject to the changes made, including those provided initially if such an obligation is assigned to the Operator at the legislative level.

  1. Protective measures (ensuring the security of personal data)

5.1. The Operator will take all necessary and sufficient measures to prevent/impede access to personal data of the Personal Data Subject, as well as take measures to protect data from an unlawful destruction, copying, alteration, distribution, etc.

  1. Modification of the Privacy Policy. Applicable law.

6.1. The operator reserves the right at any time to amend the revision of this Privacy Policy. In case of changes to the version of the Privacy Policy, the new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Operator’s resource. The current version of the Privacy Policy is available for constant review on the page at

6.2. The regulatory (applicable) legislation regarding the interaction between the Operator and the Personal Data Subject regarding this Privacy Policy is the legislation of the Russian Federation.