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Personal protection

The provision of personal protection is crucial for every public person, successful businessman or someone whose ventures are essential in society. At the same time, not only their physical security but also the confidentiality of personal information is at risk. The most effective solution in such a situation is a personal bodyguard, which will promptly identify possible threats and neutralize them.   The personal security of the private security company, which is part of Bastion Holding, is qualified employees who will analyze potential risks, model security measures, develop a security algorithm, and provide round-the-clock or temporary customer support.   A direct threat to the life of a person or his loved ones, violation of the inviolability of property - these are the most obvious reasons why people require personal protection services. However, the situation is not always so transparent, because, in addition to obvious threats, there are also hidden ones.   Most businessmen, politicians, and wealthy people today are not safe from unwanted clashes with the criminal world. Therefore, only those who have made the protection of people their profession can guarantee their safety.   The personal protection of individuals by employees of Bastion Security Holdings is always the right decision. Our bodyguards undergo comprehensive training, thanks to which they provide professional assistance in cases of obvious and potential threats to your health and well-being. They have the necessary analytical skills to objectively assess the situation and respond promptly to the occurrence of any emergency situations. The price for bodyguard services is determined individually, depending on the goals of the client and the tasks set.