The protection of a shopping center, cottage village, or office is always necessary because safety is one of the fundamental human needs. Thanks to many years of experience and professionalism of employees, Bastion Security Holding provides reliable protection of various objects of the development segment (security of residential and entertainment complexes, the security of office business centers). A set of protective measures for commercial, business, and residential facilities is developed individually, taking into account their features.   Shopping center security   Shopping and entertainment centers often become the focus of attention of offenders, and in addition, they have their own points of vulnerability. The protection of shopping centers in Moscow and other cities requires a competent approach. The main goals set by Bastion Private Security Company in the protection of the shopping center:
  • access control - monitoring and checking parking, retail space and technical premises;
  • ensuring the safety of life and health of visitors and staff.
  Security in the shopping center is necessary for its stable operation in terms of security. Properly organized security measures help protect the owner from the theft of property, monitor the integrity of employees, and make visiting the shopping center completely safe for buyers. It is most reasonable to entrust this to the professionals of Bastion Security Holdings, who, for many years, have successfully provided security services for shopping centers.   Protection of cottage villages and residential complexes Housing security is an integral part of a comfortable life. "Bastion" carries out the whole range of effective security measures for residential buildings:
  • Survey of the territory: the provision of effective protection is affected by the location, number of inhabitants, the presence of buildings in the neighborhood, and these factors must be taken into account. The protection of cottage villages in the Moscow region or the safety measures of an apartment building in the city center requires a fundamentally different approach.
  • Rational planning of the security system: depending on the area and features of the facility, it may be necessary to install an alarm system, video cameras, and other devices, organize surveillance or armed security of cottage villages. It is important to develop optimal measures that are suitable in each case.
  Security organization - installation and testing of selected security systems.   Bastion Security Holdings has extensive experience in professionally ensuring the safety of residential facilities, including services for the protection of private housing (summer homes, cottages, villages), and the protection of residential complexes.     Office security   The owners of offices and office centers are always interested in organizing effective protection of their business, staff, and material assets. Bastion Private Security Company offers a full range of measures that will help ensure the security of the company's office:
  • Remote security - the premises are connected to the security alarm. The security of the PSC office, which is part of the Bastion, in this case, consists of installing sensors and the work of quick response teams if one of them works;
  • installation of security posts - development of security guards and determining the most convenient location of posts;
  • planning complex or individual security measures.
  The price for the security of the office is set after the evaluation of the object and familiarization with the customer's requirements. Entrust the protection of your home or the protection of the shopping center to professionals. Bastion Security Holding is always on guard of your safety!