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Technical means of protection

Technical means of protection (TCO) - a set of facilities that ensures the safety of people and material values. Bastion Security Holdings carries out the whole complex of measures necessary for the installation and maintenance of monitoring, alarm, and control systems for enterprises, offices, and private territories. We carry out the installation and maintenance of technical equipment for the protection of objects. The use of TCO allows you to quickly and effectively respond to penetrations, emergency situations, etc., as well as timely, identify and solve problems with labor discipline.     TCO includes:
  • all types of alarms;
  • ACS;
  • CCTV;
  • perimeter technical security;
  • sensors and controllers.
  The price for the installation of TCO depends on the tasks and capabilities of the selected equipment.   Bastion Security Holdings is a comprehensive maintenance of TSO at the highest level. Our experts will assess the state of the security systems of the enterprise or private housing, pick up practical means to solve security problems, and provide installation and maintenance services for equipment that is required by the technical protection of facilities.