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Security audit

A company security audit is needed to find out the real degree of protection of an object. An examination conducted by the security holding Bastion allows obtaining objective data on the level of enterprise security and developing measures for its optimization.   Why is the audit conducted? An enterprise security system audit is conducted to:
  • identify risk factors and analyze how dangerous they are;
  • to develop measures to eliminate the shortcomings of the security system;
  • calculate the optimal amount necessary for their implementation.
  Security audits are conducted to evaluate the performance of internal security. An independent examination will help to identify deficiencies in security activities and find measures to address them. The security audit process can be conducted in two ways:
  • comprehensive, when all areas of object security are evaluated;
  • partial, which verifies a specific area of ​​security.
  Security audit services can be ordered both comprehensively and individually. Specialists of Bastion Security Holdings will take all necessary actions to ensure that your business is protected against any external threats.