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Physical security

Physical Security is necessary for everyone who cares about the integrity and security of their lives and properties. In these matters, those who provide protection do not have the right to make a mistake; therefore, only real professionals can be trusted. Employees of Bastion Security Holdings are ready to offer a range of security measures aimed at ensuring the inviolability of your property, personality, and private information.   Physical security services of objects consist of a whole list of measures and actions:
  • potential threats analysis;
  • field test;
  • property security;
  • permit regime;
  • installation and control of video surveillance systems;
  • bypassing the facility and surrounding areas.
  This is done not only to stop the offense, but also to prevent it. After all, the better the object is guarded, the more difficult it is to penetrate it.   Security Organization Physical security of facilities is a comprehensive service that includes:
  • identifying the optimal location of the posts and providing them with qualified guards;
  • development of an effective territory patrol scheme;
  • creation of an individual complex of protective measures taking into account the specifics of the object;
  The perimeter security of the private security company, which is part of Bastion Holding, guarantees a high level of protection for all employees and visitors to the facility. It takes into account all the features and vulnerabilities of the protected area and develops an optimal set of security measures for them.     The Cost of Physical Security Facilities   The price of physical security, which is carried out by the security holding Bastion, depends on the objective factors and tasks that the client sets. The staff for each order is selected individually - taking into account the field of work, the level of professional and general education of specialists. This allows you to provide not only a high level of protection for your property but also a comfortable interaction with our employees.   Prices for physical security depend on the wishes of the client and the complexity of the task. The cost of services includes inspection and analysis of the facility and surrounding areas, the development of an effective plan of security measures, taking into account all possible risks, the search for individual engineering solutions. Depending on the characteristics of the protected object, the list of services can be supplemented or modified.   Bastion Security Holdings is ready to offer you the most favourable conditions for security services, regardless of their complexity. Turning to us, you completely solve all the problems. We have dozens of options to ensure absolute security; one of them is the round-the-clock physical security of the facility.   Bastion Security Holding: our reliability at the service of your well-being!