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Construction site security

Construction site security service is one of the services provided by PSC “Bastion”, which is in high demand among its clients, who own and manage construction sites.

Any construction site always has a number of expensive machines and materials that require reliable protection.

Construction site security system is set up, given the square of the site and its perimeter. In the areas, where it is possible, the monitoring devices are installed; however, the vast majority of the work is performed by security guards at monitoring desks and by the guards patrolling the territory.

PSC “Bastion” protects construction sites and areas in Moscow and in regions, where fast civil and industrial construction takes place. Growing demand prompts our company to constantly improve our security system, and that is why PSC “Bastion” is ready to offer its clients best terms, regarding property protection.

In the absence of a proper security surveillance, the risks, construction sites’ owners are exposed to, are:

  • Small thefts by construction staff;
  • Stealing of construction materials, machines, and equipment.

Losses, which construction companies may face neglecting the security services, can be much bigger compared to the cost of high-quality services PSC offers.

Since security of construction areas, as any other business field, has its specific aspects, it is wise to ask professionals, who have the necessary hands-on experience in the security field. PSC “Bastion” has highly skilled security staff that knows all the specifics of security setup and supervision on the perimeters of any difficulty level.

Construction site security service has pretty flexible rates, and is calculated individually, given the client’s objectives on particular construction site.

Signing the agreement on getting security services, PSC “Bastion” staff carefully examines the construction area as well as all the workflow details.

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Entrust the security of your business to professionals and be sure that your construction sites are under constant protection!