Services for the protection of warehouses, warehouse complexes, and wholesale bases are aimed at limiting unwanted access to the territory and preventing theft and spoilage of goods. Bastion Security Holdings is engaged in the development and implementation of comprehensive measures in the field of providing comprehensive protection of warehouse territories.   What is comprehensive warehouse security?   The protection of the warehouses of the private security company, which is part of Bastion Holding, includes the following measures:
  • round-the-clock armed security of the facility and surrounding areas (patrolling the perimeter, monitoring people entering the facility, etc.);
  • inspection of goods that are imported to or exported from the warehouse;
  • installation and maintenance of alarm and warning systems.
To implement security measures, we provide qualified employees who are familiar with the specifics of the protection of storage facilities and will be able to maximize the security of your company's property.   How much does warehouse protection cost?   The cost of guarding the warehouse is determined individually after an audit and the preparation of a plan of security measures. The following services are most demanded when protecting warehouse premises:
  • organization of checkpoints - round-the-clock inspection of goods and people passing into the territory, allows to secure the warehouse or base as much as possible from theft;
  • installation of video surveillance systems - monitoring of the perimeter and premises allows you to control unauthorized entry and work of personnel;
  • shift duty of security personnel.
  Each private warehouse is an attractive target for intruders. Entrust the protection of material assets to Bastion Holding in order to always feel yourself under reliable protection!