The protection of industrial enterprises requires great attention and responsibility. The organization of safety measures at a plant or factory depends on many parameters, including the nature of production and its intensity, as well as the scale of the facility. At large enterprises, it is impossible to organize full-fledged protection exclusively by the forces of our own security personnel. Protection of private security companies, which are part of Bastion Holding, includes services for analysing the safety of industrial facilities and the implementation of all necessary practical measures in this area.   How to organize the protection of an industrial facility   The protection of factories and plants is not only a checkpoint at the entrance and cameras in the shops. At each production, there are many risk factors, both general and specific. Furthermore, to reduce them, comprehensive measures are needed, which would include video surveillance, access control to the plant territory, perimeter security, and much more.   The most common threats at industrial sites include:
  • theft or deterioration of raw materials, equipment or products;
  • arson or fire of flammable and explosive substances;
  • industrial espionage.
  To exclude large-scale risks, it is necessary to ensure a high level of security for the entire enterprise. However, for small industries, sometimes, it is enough that only the protection of the workshop is enhanced. In each case, the amount of necessary measures to protect property is determined individually, depending on the goals and wishes of the customer.   Security measures for manufacturing enterprises are needed to:
  • restrict third party access to the territory of the plant or factory;
  • prevent theft, including by employees of the enterprise;
  • control the movement of workers across the territory, their presence at the workplace, compliance with labour discipline;
  • eliminate unwanted interference in the production process;
  • promptly respond to an emergency (fire, chemical leak, etc.).
  The price of services for the protection of industrial facilities depends on the number of risk factors, as well as on the necessary amount of work to eliminate them. The price also includes the price of security equipment, which includes:
  • video surveillance systems;
  • technical means of protection (warning systems, alarms, etc.);
  • access control systems.
  Protection of the private security company, which is part of Bastion Holding, allows you to create reliable protection against any unpleasant situations and quickly eliminate all existing problems. The protection of plants, factories, and individual workshops is carried out by qualified personnel who have comprehensive training to ensure safety. To clarify the cost of security measures, contact us by phone or come to the Moscow office.   Bastion Security Holdings will do everything to ensure that your production works without excesses and unwanted external interference.