Bastion Security Holdings successfully solves the problems of technical and physical protection of retail facilities since 2008. We cooperate with retail facilities that work in any trading format, guaranteeing quality protection:
  • Super and hypermarkets;
  • Jewellery stores;
  • Food and non-food stores;
  • Boutiques;
  • Shopping and shopping centers;
  Bastion Security Holdings is your safety, based on experience, professionalism, a high level of theoretical and physical training. Our experts will provide reliable protection for your facility. We can competently respond to any situations caused by the human factor or unforeseen circumstances.   Retail Security Specifics   The physical security of a shopping facility is a complex and particularly responsible area of ​​security. Accuracy, consistency, a clear distribution of tasks are needed. All parties are involved in the process: employees, customers - everyone plays a role. Security must be prepared to respond to any situation. We carefully monitor what is happening and respond in a timely manner, observing ethics to protect our customers from theft and misconduct. We ensure the safety of your customers.     Why Us   Many years of experience allow us to conduct an in-depth audit of safety indicators. After verification, we offer the optimal security scheme for objects. The scheme can only represent the physical protection of your facility or its combination with technical means:
  • CCTV;
  • ACS system.
The search for optimal solutions for the protection of retail facilities allows us to provide security at all levels, including the technical ones. We offer customers high-quality technical equipment to address security issues. We carry out the design and installation of video surveillance cameras and access control and management systems.   How much is the store security?   The cost of our services is individual for each object. It depends, inter alia, on the scope of activity. After the audit, we will offer you the optimal security scheme, taking into account the specifics of your facility, “peak hours,” the need and the amount of equipment with technical means of protection, etc. So, the protection of jewellery stores is more expensive, and for food outlets, our services will be cheaper. Different indicators determine the volume of the cost of services.   The most important parameter in this aspect is quality. A properly designed protection scheme is the key to saving serious amounts. For accurate price information, you can contact us in any way convenient for you (a hyperlink to the Contacts section)   Our warranties   We guarantee customers the highest level of security.   We pay special attention to the selection and qualifications of staff. Our employees regularly undergo certification, improve their qualifications, and are trained in both theoretical and practical fundamentals of security.   Protection of retail facilities by Bastion Security Holding - protecting your business from risks.