Bastion Volga Private Security Company uses the most modern technical means of ensuring security. One of the most effective security methods using specialized equipment is CCTV monitoring. The benefits of using CCTV are obvious. First of all, the costs of physical security of facilities are significantly reduced, since the video surveillance operator serves up to twelve monitors. In addition, it is possible to install CCTV cameras in places that are difficult to access during patrolling, and thus control the “blind” zones. It is important that the recordings from CCTV cameras are material evidence in the event of a dispute and can be used even in court. Installing a video surveillance system is a complex process that must be entrusted with professionals.   What does the installation of CCTV cameras at a guarded object give? Today, few people need to explain the importance of video surveillance systems in ensuring security at residential or industrial facilities. It is noteworthy that video surveillance cameras installed in trading or warehouse premises have a deterrent role - not every dishonest buyer dares to commit theft under the watchful eye of a video camera.   Bastion Volga Security Company provides services for the design of video surveillance systems, the purchase of equipment, installation, and warranty service. Using the latest technology allows us to guarantee a quality result!